Security Faculty

Training and development

Due to the ever increasing demands placed on the Chief Security Officer (CSO/CISO) there is little time available for professional, personal and team development. As a result some CSOs/CISOs may have gaps in their executive management armory. This presents a problem for employers as the specialist knowledge that their CSOs/CISOs bring is not presented within the necessary executive context or commercial language. In addition, companies will have a gap in their succession plans and will often be forced to recruit from the external market which is expensive and time consuming. There is also a risk to the individuals and their retention as they may become side lined or, in the case of an aspiring CSO/CISO, it will limit their career path.

In addition vendor organisations, and 'client facing' security staff in particular, can sometimes struggle to truly grasp the security requirements of a CISO/CSO due to a lack of understanding and knowledge of the role, business drivers and priorities of today's busy security executive.


Intensive one day training course(s) for new/aspiring security executives and also for 'client facing' security staff covering; strategy setting, understanding the role of the CSO, measuring success, building a high performing security team, executive decision making, governance and relevant case studies.

Development Programmes

An in depth modular programme for aspiring security executives and 'client facing' security staff covering; personal and team profiling, strategy development/business buy in, organisational transformation, how to perform in the board room, media training and relevant case studies and how to think like a CISO.

Coaching & Mentoring

Dedicated coaching and/or mentoring for new and aspiring security executives and 'client facing' security staff development areas will include; developing gravitas/executive presence, strategy setting, understanding what is required to become a CISO/CSO, gaining business buy in, relationship management, board room tactics and team development.

We also provide tailored security briefing sessions for senior business executives and at customers specific events.